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Month: July 2019

Know About Brain Tumors : Signs and Symptoms

Understanding brain tumor is complex, but as per Dr. Kamal Verma – neurosurgeon in Faridabad, an agile person can identify signs that could possibly be induced by tumor formation. Brain tumors may appear in any size or shape. And the signs are generally dependent on the location of tumor, appearance of tumor in a particular…
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Skull Base Surgery

Skull Base Surgery: Skull base surgery is considered one of the tangible landmarks in the field of neurosurgery. Removal of tumor from skull base is a complex and invasive procedure. The skull base separates nose, ear, eyes and other facial structures from the brain. It starts above the eyebrows and slopes downward, ending at the…
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Doctors’s Day 2019

The wishes & blessings I receive on Doctor’s day, it reminds me about the importance I carry as a doctor in people lives. It reminds me about my accountability towards making people lives better & it also reminds me the level of expectation people keep from a doctor. On Doctor’s Day my prayers go for…
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