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Know About Brain Tumors : Signs and Symptoms

Know About Brain Tumors : Signs and Symptoms

Understanding brain tumor is complex, but as per Dr. Kamal Verma – neurosurgeon in Faridabad, an agile person can identify signs that could possibly be induced by tumor formation.
Brain tumors may appear in any size or shape. And the signs are generally dependent on the location of tumor, appearance of tumor in a particular location may produce signs by weakening the function of connected parts of the body.
In simple words if a tumor appears on a part of brain that controls your limbs or eyesight, the signs may include weakening of limbs or affected sight.

The neurosurgeon in Faridabad Dr. Kamal says it is not easy to figure out the appearance of tumor just by recognizing signs, however there are indicators which can give warning signs about tumor formation and alert an individual….

Here are few signs which generally appears in case of Brain tumors.

I. Clumsiness
II. Numbness
III. Nausea
IV. Changes in memory or in thinking pattern
V. Changes in vision (eye)
VI. Seizures
VII. But headache is not a usual sign in case of early tumor formation, what a layman generally thinks

Some genetic disorders can lead to a brain tumor but in general the tumor arise with no known risk factor in people.

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