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Skull Base Surgery

Skull Base Surgery

Skull Base Surgery:

Skull base surgery is considered one of the tangible landmarks in the field of neurosurgery. Removal of tumor from skull base is a complex and invasive procedure.

The skull base separates nose, ear, eyes and other facial structures from the brain.

It starts above the eyebrows and slopes downward, ending at the back of the neck, where the foramen magnum is located.
The structure is also entangled with some vital structures such as nerves and large vessels.

The base of skull is comprised of 3 regions front to back, the internal cranial fossa, the medial cranial fossa and the posterior cranial fossa which contains brain stem and cerebellum.

The connection between the brain and spinal cord is the brainstem, containing nerves involved in the control of eye movements, blood pressure, breathing and swallowing. The brainstem connects to the spinal cord through the foramen magnum. The cerebellum, lying behind the foramen magnum, is involved in coordination and balance.

Adding to the complexity of the skull base is the fact that each of its regions is at a different level. When a person is standing and looking forward, the anterior cranial fossa is highest, and the posterior cranial fossa is lowest.

The Skull Base Surgery was never easy for any neurosurgeon but recent advancement and technical developments reduced complexities to a certain extent and made it less invasive.
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