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मैं हेलमेट क्यों पहनूं !

  मैं हेलमेट क्यों पहनूं !   हेलमेट मेरे लिए नहीं है। इससे भला मुझे क्या लाभ? ज़रा सी दूर जाने के लिए क्यूँ चाहिए? अरे हमारे यहाँ कोई नहीं[…]

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thank you 2020

Thank you 2020

It may sound little weird when I say “Thank you 2020” However, I pay my gratitude to the year 2020 for coming into my life. Hardly any of the present[…]

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brain stroke types

Stroke rise in winters

I have been prompted to write this blog due to sudden increase in the number of stroke patients in my practice over last few weeks. Stroke or ‘brain attack’ is[…]

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ü  Brain Tumor Surgery

ü  Endoscopic Brain Surgery

ü  Vascular Surgery for Aneurysm/AVM

ü  Head Injury

ü  Skull Base Surgery

ü  Neuro-navigation Surgery

ü  Brain Hemorrhage


 ü  Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgeries 

ü    Cervical & lumber DISC disease 

ü    Spinal Trauma 

ü    Artificial DISC Replacement 

ü  Percutaneous Spinal Fixation

ü   Congenital Spine Disdores

ü   Spinal Tumors

Senior Brain, Spine & Endovascular Surgeon

Dr. Kamal Verma is a pioneer neurosurgeon, visionary health expert & leading authority in the field of brain & spine health. His surgical skills & compassionate approach has been a vital force in wellbeing of thousands of national & international patients those have been successfully treated by him. A board certified neurosurgeon Dr. Kamal has earned his degree & post-graduation from PGIMER Rohtak & completed his MCh. Neurosurgery from PGIMER Chandigarh in 2002. He brings wealth of knowledge & experience to the field of brain & spine being alumni of most renowned PGI Chandigarh Institute. Ambitious & innovator Dr. Kamal is recognized to introduced artificial Disc replacement & endoscopic neurosurgery for brain tumours and Spine in the city. And he authored a chapter in a book on neurological emergencies in 2010.

A few things we’re great at

We are one of the most renowned spine & brain care center in Delhi NCR region and have been serving the patients successfully for last 2 decades,. We aspire to achieve excellence through skilled doctors who work hard to deliver the best healing touch & unparrelal brain and spine services to the patients. In our state of the art facility we provide comprehensive brain and spine care for all medical conditions those are common or rare

Neuro-Navigation Surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain Hemorrhage


The Secret of Success

We are effectively serving the patients for a long time. Endovascular, Skull Base Neurosurgery, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, and so forth are our specialized topics. Our medical clinic is known as Best brain and spine  clinic in Delhi ncr. We are constantly accessible to treat the cerebrum, spinal rope, and fringe nerves issues.


Endovascular neurosurgery is an innovative and less invasive procedure that uses Neuro Cath lab and Intra-arterial Catheter to detect and treat different diseases and conditions of the CNS (central nervous system). The CNS is made up of the spinal cord and the brain.


Skull base Neurosurgery is a minimally invasive and highly specialized surgical technique which is used to evaluate, diagnose and treat the growth of tumor located on the bottom of the brain, the upper back of the spinal column as well as the base of the skull.

Minimally InvasiveSpnieSurgery

MISS (Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) is sometimes which is less known invasive spine surgery. In this Surgery, the doctors use particular tools to detect the spine throughout small cuts.

Pediatric Neurosurgery 

Pediatric Neurosurgery is a special type of neurosurgery that includes surgical practices which are linked with spinal cord; nervous system and brain to treat neurological disorders in children. 

International Services

A dedicated team of professionals & skilled surgeons for international patients have been our core strength through which we have been able to win hearts of patients across the globe, it has been our privilege to cater & serve thousands of international patients from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan & from Russia who chose to avail our world class services & unparalleled healing touch. We strive hard to achieve satiety smile on your face everyday

Happy To Hear

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Akshay vardhman

Having visited multiple Hospitals and met many Neurosurgeons, I must say that Dr. Kamal Verma is one of the best and finest Neurosurgeon I ever met.

Shalini gupta

Dr. Kamal Verma is a genius Doctor with a heart of gold. I would say I met an angel on earth. He operated my father for brain Haemorrhage and he is almost 70 and now back to his normal life. He speaks to you like family. I was blessed to meet him for my father. He is really a God sent angel.

DS Chauhan

Yes I recommend Mr. Kamal Verma as a neurosurgeon.

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