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World Environment Day! Cleaner & Greener Earth

World Environment Day! Cleaner & Greener Earth

Earth surrounded by trees

Like every year in past once again we are celebrating a cause of environment protection on this 5th June 2019.
It is comforting to witness the horizon of awareness towards environment is spreading well since past few decades but does that provide a sense of ease or comfort! Do we see enough positive changes towards saving our environment?

Planting the trees remains the best way to strengthen the ability of nature to fight with evil pollutants. But equally important is to review our daily activities if these are aligned to our commitment of environment protection.

A sense of responsibility should prevail while we use air conditioners, while we use pollution emitting vehicles, while we manage and treat waste and garbage (especially plastic materials) and nevertheless a sincere approach is must in conserving water. Every single drop is an essential life support to environment whether it’s part of drinkable water or the water which is spread over in ponds, wells, rivers and in ocean.

Nature is capable of recycling the waste and have immense immunity in managing the pollutants but only when a sincere support is extended from humans. In absence of responsible actions goal of green earth and clean, healthy environment will be a myth.

On this very important occasion as neurosurgeon in Faridabad, indiabrainspine and its team urge everyone to take active part in safeguarding our mother nature by reducing the level of pollutants as much possible and make our home, society & surroundings greener as much possible. Together we can achieve the goal of cleaner and healthier environment and that will be our best gift to next generation. Wish you all a very HAPPY WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY!


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