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A Neurosurgery camp at Duhok (Iraq)

A Neurosurgery camp at Duhok (Iraq)

Duhok is a city in Iraqi Kurdistan which is surrounded by mountains alongside the Tigris River. The natural overlapping of mountains & river emerges in a perfect landscape view. Duhok has been a happening tourist place and lately the city has been home to many refuges going through multiple wars. The population is about 350,000. This beautiful city is having good infrastructure of hospitals & clinics however the super specialized medical treatment & facilities still needs to be refined.

Dr. Kamal Verma – spine and brain surgeon in Faridabad is a renowned neurosurgeon in INDIA has been instrumental in supporting neurosurgical needs of Iraqi patients & had successfully operated hundreds of needy patients of Iraq with various brain & spine disorders in last decade. He was again invited to Duhok to conduct a camp for patient’s suffering neurological ailments. In an endeavor to support the medical & surgical needs Dr. Kamal Verma again visited Duhok and conducted screening and examination, A total of 200 patients were provided consultation in a 3 day long visit. Not only that but Dr. Kamal Verma has also conducted meetings with top Neurosurgeon of Duhok and discussed ways and means to improve the neurosurgery facilities in the area. To empower the surgical skills of local neurosurgeons Dr. Kamal volunteered to even invite Iraqi doctors to India for training.

Talks are also in progress to conduct high end neuro- surgeries in Duhok to help local patients and as well as doctors. The visit has been very successful and oriented to build a long standing & caring relationship because we aspire to provide best treatment & exceptional healing touch to everyone.


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