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press release covid affects heart a& brain

COVID- 19 (coronavirus) impacts heart & brain

COVID- 19 (coronavirus) impacts heart & brain Stroke incidences are in rise at this time of the year. The rise is due to onset of winters and air pollution. This particular year has seen the pandemic of COVID- 19. Which is primarily a respiratory disease but has its own independent influence on stroke and cardiovascular…
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Dr. Kamal Verma joins Sarvodaya Hospital

Dr. Kamal joins Sarvodaya To inform you all. Dr. Kamal Verma has now joined Sarvodaya Hospital. At Sarvodaya Hospital he will the incharge and director of Neurosurgery department. Dr. Kamal will be managing spine surgery and neurosurgery department. For any query or appointment reach us through following mediums. For appointments, call 96541-55799 Contact Dr. Kamal…
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