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मैं हेलमेट क्यों पहनूं !

  मैं हेलमेट क्यों पहनूं !   हेलमेट मेरे लिए नहीं है। इससे भला मुझे क्या लाभ? ज़रा सी दूर जाने के लिए क्यूँ चाहिए? अरे हमारे यहाँ कोई नहीं पहनता!! हेलमेट से क्या मैं अमर हो जाऊँगा? भैया आगे नहीं पीछे बेठा था। औरतों और बच्चो को कहाँ पहनना होता है? सड़कों की हालत…
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brain stroke types

Stroke rise in winters

I have been prompted to write this blog due to sudden increase in the number of stroke patients in my practice over last few weeks. Stroke or ‘brain attack’ is a deadly disease with a very high mortality (risk of life) and even more high risk of morbidity (permanent damage or paralysis). Looking at stroke…
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press release covid affects heart a& brain

COVID- 19 (coronavirus) impacts heart & brain

COVID- 19 (coronavirus) impacts heart & brain Stroke incidences are in rise at this time of the year. The rise is due to onset of winters and air pollution. This particular year has seen the pandemic of COVID- 19. Which is primarily a respiratory disease but has its own independent influence on stroke and cardiovascular…
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Brain Stroke Safety Tips

Brain Stroke Safety Tips There are two types of strokes. Ischemic stroke: where there is narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain leading to decreased blood supply and stroke. Rupture of a blood vessels of brain leading to brain hemorrhage and resultant hemorrhagic stroke. Exposure to air pollution is now a recognized public health…
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Elective vs emergency surgery in covid times

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